An easy and quick pasta dish with bacon, cheese, and leeks |

bacon and leek pasta

For me, pasta is such a fast, easy, and tasty meal.  Serve it with a big salad and it’s perfect for those busy nights when you don’t have enough time to cook. This recipe was the cover recipe for the March 2014 issue of Food Network magazine and the reason I purchased the issue (although… 

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Good morning Sunshine pizza

good morning Sunshine pizza

So once in a while, I’ll have an extra dough ball or two because I usually make too much pizza dough. I probably should just freeze a few of the dough balls, to make it easier for the next pizza night, but sometimes experimenting is just more fun. My mom used to make breakfast pizzas… 

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Wow, this Savannah red rice is amazing! A new favorite |

Savannah red rice

Have you ever been to Cracker Barrel? There’s something about that place that I just love. Maybe it’s that deep down desire to be a country mouse who lives in the middle of Slowtown, USA and lives much more simply than I do now. No crazy schedules, no crazy traffic, and lots of clean fresh… 

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apple turkey meatloaf |

apple turkey meatloaf

This is my favorite way to eat meatloaf. Have you ever tried apple turkey meatloaf? Even the kids love it and they aren’t big meatloaf fans. The recipe is based on the famous Oprah turkey burger, which she declared the best turkey burger in the world! Who am I to argue with her? I’m pretty… 

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Roasted red bell peppers are perfect for a side dish, a sandwich topping, or an appetizer |

roasted red peppers

I just returned from a short trip to NY. Now, if you’re like me, the thought of NY brings up thoughts of  bagels, black and white cookies, the crumb cake, the cheesecake, and so on. Frankly, I didn’t have enough room…or time. It was only a 2-day trip, and most of it was spent painting…. 

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How to make flour tortillas

homemade flour tortillas

I could not wait to try this recipe. Yesterday, I tried out a different tortilla recipe because I forgot that I had saved this one. The tortillas were good, but weren’t much different than my pocketless pita recipe in terms of flavor, which is not a bad thing, it’s just that I was looking for… 

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chicken salad with grapes and pecans

Chicken salad with grapes and pecans

Don’t you just love it when you want to make a certain recipe and you just so happen to have all the ingredients needed on hand? Yep, that’s how this chicken salad came to be. Thanks to our overly ambitious food shopping habits, we are stocked to the roof with fruits, vegetables, and even rotisserie… 

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easy, healthy minestrone soup |

minestrone soup with pesto oil drizzle

Dieting advice can be so confusing. There seem to be so many fad diets that come and go. Eat meat like a caveman! Wheat is evil! Carbs are bad for you! I wonder what to believe anymore. The one diet that I DO believe in is the Mediterranean diet, which is high in vegetables, grains… 

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drop sugar cookies

big soft sugar cookies

These sugar cookies are so simple to make and are one of my kid’s favorite cookies. They are big, soft, chewy, and do not require rolling out and cutting. I’d dare say they are drop cookies, but you’re not really dropping the batter in this recipe. More like shaping them into golf-sized balls and then… 

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5 grain bread |

5 Grain Bread

Yes, I’ve been on a bread baking kick. It’s no surprise really – there is something so magical about that transformation of dough into the finished product. And the discovery that we home bakers can create bakery quality loaves bread at home using a dutch oven makes me incredibly happy! No doubt though, bread baking… 

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Lentil Salad

ultimate lentil salad

Ohhhh, lentils! If you are like I was as recent as last year, you may be wrinkling up your nose just about now? Frankly, I never liked lentils with the exception of this amazing lentil soup, made with the red lentils. In that post, I talk about how my mother would make lentil soup every… 

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Blueberry flax muffins cut

Flax seed blueberry muffins

These were soooo goood!! My daughter has been asking me to make blueberry muffins for days. I’m not sure what got into her, but the muffins had to be blueberry. Not chocolate. Not apple. Not anything but blueberry. Of course, being the sneaky mom that I am, I opted to make flax seed blueberry muffins… 

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Avocado tartare

avocado tartare

Avocados are one of my favorite foods ever but I didn’t start eating them until several years ago. Don’t ask…I don’t know why. But since discovering these green beauties, I’ve never looked back. In fact, I’ve made this guacamole sooo many times, often weekly, I’ve definitely lost count. We love it, and often enjoy it… 

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arugula salad | FeelingFoodish

arugula salad

Simple, healthy, delicious. Now, that’s a winning salad in my book! Is this even a recipe? Well, I’m not sure – but it’s one of my favorite salads to eat and so it’s gotta be on the blog. I’m not even sure if arugula is really a “mainstream” kind of salad? It’s sometimes difficult to… 

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tartine bread |

tartine bread

You should have been in my kitchen when I pulled this bread out of the oven – let’s just say happy is an understatement. I know, I know – it’s kind of strange getting THAT excited over food, but I guess that it really should be no surprise coming from someone whose food blog was… 

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shrimp and grits -

shrimp and grits

Although I never tried grits before today, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that I liked them. You might ask why. Well, I assumed that grits would be quite similar to polenta, which I routinely ate growing up. It was also called “mush” back in the day, a term that doesn’t make it sound very good!… 

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